A Long Wait is Over

The Zeiss Planar T 85mm f/1.4, a dream of a lens.

After 4 years of patiently waiting for the right deal on Ebay, I finally received the alert I had been waiting for. This lens in like new condition, in the original box was being offered at more than 60% off the price of a new one. It appeared to be part of an estate sale. My fingers furiously tapped on the Buy Now button on my mobile phone. I anxiously waited for everything to process, afraid that somebody was going to beat me to it.

Now having received this lens, I can finally say that it is everything I dreamed it would be. The way this lens renders is absolutely exquisite. The color, bokeh, saturation and contrast are without compare.

This really is perfect timing with spring coming into bloom. My first captures with this legendary lens are Violas on my patio. I will take this lens to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival soon to get more acquainted with it. I think it is also time to do some portraits with friends using this lens.